What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is used to measure the quality of service or compliance and to gather specific information about products or service. It is usually done where the business hasn’t been made aware of the Mystery shoppers identity. Girl Friday Solutions have developed a program to assist Owners/Managers in all key areas of retail and hospitality. This is a essential tool in the identification of potential areas for improvement, training and development and also in rewarding staff for excellence in performance and customer service.

Who are our Mystery Shoppers?

Girl Friday Solutions offer the very best of service by only using a highly qualified team of retail and hospitality investigators. The experienced team come from Hotel Management, Retail Management, Event Management, Hospitality Sales & Marketing just to name a few.  To ensure we cover the full spectrum of people who attend entertainment venues and retail businesses we have Mystery Shoppers from various social groups including both blue and white collar workers.

Training, Insurance & Policy


All Girl Friday contractors are to go through a personalised induction and training session, At Girl Friday, we know exactly who is working for us . All mystery shoppers are fully equipped with all the necessary tools of the trade to maximise their performance in giving you the very best of quality and performance when conducting a visit at any store or venue. Our shoppers vary in age and gender so to give your company the full demographic that would be regularly visiting your store or venue. Girl Friday only does contractor placement specific to your needs, young males and female 18-25 year old for a Saturday night club visit or more mature men and women for a mid-week daytime visit at a nearby hotel, these are just two examples of how we have always got it covered!


Girl Friday Solutions Pty Ltd. is fully registered and insured business. Girl Friday provides cover for Professional Indemnity as well as business Insurance and Workers Compensation Cover.


At all times whilst Girl Friday has been contracted to supply services to your venue or organisation it is our direct policy that during the course of normal service and business that Girl Friday and its contractors understand, adopt and adhere to all OH&S policies, legislation as well and the ideologies of the contracting organisation or person(s). The requests agreed upon prior to that service being conducted must fall within legal legislation and is never to place Girl Friday or its contractors in any situation or area to which safety, welfare and over wellbeing is ever compromised, Girl Friday offers all of our clients the option to negotiate the terms of policy in an effort to maximise the effectiveness of the mystery shopping program.


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