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Girl Friday Solutions offer services designed to increase your competitive edge in the marketplace and increase sales and performance.

What is Mystery Shopping ?.

Girl Friday Solutions offer services designed to increase your competitive edge in the marketplace and increase sales and performance.
Girl Friday Solutions specialises in Mystery shopping for the hospitality and retail industries.

Our program will help improve customer relationships and standards of service, which as a result will improve sales and overall performance.

Increase Your business by 40%

Mystery Shopping Solutions have developed a program to assist Operations/Owners & Management in all key areas of Retail and Transport Services. This is an essential tool in the identification of potential areas for improvement, training and development and also in rewarding staff for excellence in performance and customer service.

  • Good Service => Increased Sales
  • Good Quality => More Repeated Sales.
  • Good Management => Brand Value.

Our Team

We are Team of more than 100+ Mystery Shoppers spread across australia.

Louise Heffernan

Owner and Director

18 years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in the Hospitality industry. Skilled in Management, Gaming, Food & Beverage, Business Planning, and Coaching.

Tyneale Kendrick


First in command, Creative as well as a management specialist. Tyneale efficiently handles the day to day operations of our business, this includes managing and scheduling our shoppers plus taking care of our amazing client’s.Tyneale ensures the high quality standards of reporting are met for each client based on their individual needs.


Using Mystery Shopping to Increase Profit in the Hospitality Industry

A customer’s point of view and perceived levels of service are critical to increasing profit in the Hospitality industry. How can your team ensure customer expectations are being met all while achieving brand standards? Sending in a mystery shopper acting as a customer, your company gains the knowledge to react and focus resources on the priorities of your clientele.

Mystery shopping can have both immediate and long-term benefits depending on how an organisation utilises the results and reporting. Keeping in mind any shop program is a snapshot in time, they are most impactful at expanding insights when partnered with results from guest satisfaction programs already in place within your organisation. 

A professional mystery shopper will experience your property without pre-conceived notions impacting the evaluation of your business. The unbiased reviews provide your organisation the opportunity to clearly understand your customer’s perspective on daily operations in a specific moment in time. Shop programs are an inexpensive method to hear which “wow” factors have a substantial impact on your guest’s perception and loyalty. This additional source of professional feedback gives executives’ confidence in their strategic initiative decisions regarding levels of service to meet the company’s brand promise.

Trained feedback allows leadership to make confident and educated decisions about: 

- Implementing best practices in service and daily operations

- Refining levels of service to maximise your competitive advantages

- Confirming the integrity of employees, procedures, internal controls and safety issues. 

- Training efforts to reinforce top notch service, as well as correct weaknesses in an operation

- Increasing your customer’s intent to return rate and recommend 

The concept of a shop program is also a powerful motivational tool for employees. The thought of a mystery shopper checking in at any time encourages the staff to be more likely to provide excellent customer service to each and every customer knowing that they may be evaluated.

Benefits your team will gain with an effective mystery shopping program:

- Learning a client’s impression of the property and tangible products

- Understanding the value and quality perception of your customers

- Insight into employee interaction when management is not present and how staff attitudes positively or negatively affect your business 

- Monitoring success of training in place to yield a turn on investment

An ongoing mystery shop program provides the benefit of invaluable information with regard to how your business is functioning as a whole. Implementing a shop program enables the collection of 1st hand data on how to move your business forward and can evolve with your business to meet changing needs of your company and your customers.

Mystery shopping is a valid tool as part of any overall strategy formed to gain insight into the customer experience that is difficult to get in any other way. Mystery Shopping is a valuable stand alone tool, but when coupled with your guest and employee survey data, its value grows exponentially as you now have a full picture of cause, affect and results. Implementing a program that correlates customer satisfaction to other key measures enhances your organisation’s ability to increase their top and bottom line.  

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Using Mystery Shopping results to motivate employees

Some employees may look at Mystery Shopping as a bane rather than a useful training tool. However, the purpose of a mystery shopping program is to help staff and ultimately the company to provide quality service to customers. Is there a way in using mystery shopping results to motivate employees?

The cause of staff members seeing the program as a bane may be due to various factors. Maybe a manager does not explain why they failed. Instead the manager only tells the staff that they failed. Failure without reason, will not result in improvement it will result in frustration.

Though sometimes tricky, the results from a mystery shopping report can be used to motivate staff to perform better. Which will help in the overall result

Can Using Mystery Shopping results to motivate employee work?

Communicate and explain

It’s a vital part of any business and/or company. Communication is key for smooth operation. If a staff member failed an evaluation, they need to understand why.

The manager needs to sit down with the staff and explain the areas in which they performed below par. Allowing them to understand the quality of service that the company is looking for. The staff member would also need to understand how to work towards providing better service and which methods would work best.


Staff need to receive some recognition for the good work that they do. A pay cheque is all and well and good, though, being told that you have done a good job is more intrinsic.

This should also be explained and communicated to them as to why they did well. Noting the positive points and what the staff did right. Again, it is always important to note the quality of service that the company is after.

Slow steady improvement

When it comes to providing service, it is often times a mix of selling skill, attitude, social aptitude and training. That’s a lot to take into account. One cannot discount on any of the factors mentioned.

When it comes to behavioural changes, adults often find it hard to recondition themselves to a new way of doing things.

Staff members need to be allowed time to improve and not be expected to perform above standards immediately, in any area that is being evaluated. If a staff member is weak in greeting customers, maybe they can spend a month working on this area specifically. Moving from smiling in acknowledgement of the customer to greeting them in a more personalised manner. It may take some time, however the results would be seen in the long run.

Provide Intrinsic Value to The Staff

As people, we look for value. Companies look to providing value and quality service to their customers. This is done through the staff. Although, staff also need value in their work.

For example, allowing staff to develop their skills over time would provide intrinsic value. If a staff member is shy and can find it difficult to greet customers or even attend to customers, over time and with training, the staff member may get better. This would translate to their personal behavioural improvement in social skills. Giving them more intrinsic value in character development.

There are many other ways to use the results to help the morale of a staff or team. A team lunch or small gifts – for good results can be used as well.

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